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Calculating Installation Costs of a Trellis System

Our climbing plant support systems, most of which are wire rope systems, are do-it-yourself products. Under Installation, you can find all the necessary information. If you need professional help, try asking a trusted facility manager, installation company, mason, painter, façade specialist, or metal worker. Of course, a gardening landscape contractor or company are also options. For large projects, it may be useful to let the contractor or company take care of buying the necessary materials. We provide a list below of what prices to expect.

Montage einer Rankhilfe auf WDVS unter "schwierigen Umständen"
Montage einer Rankhilfe auf WDVS unter "schwierigen Umständen"

Simple Trellises

Costs will, of course, be reflective of the material costs. If you are installing a relatively simple system, genearlly the total installation costs =  price of the parts x2. This is the case when the order value is at least 200 Euros and if no additional difficulties complicate the assembly-- for example, facade material or terrain (when the greening is in higher or not easily accessible facade areas-- embankments or inclines, etc..).

Difficult Circumstances

Under more difficult conditions, as with the following examples, estimate 2-4 times the value of the trellis system material for the assembly (total costs = order value x 3-5):  if the wall in question is insulated from the outside, if the terrain is sloping, when deadlines have to be met, in compromised weather like frost, of if special equipment (usuallly for high trellis systems) is required-- long ladders, mobile scaffolding, or cherry pickers. Even with very small projects, the assembly costs are often 2-4 times the material costs. 

Planting Costs

The costs for planting are to be considered separately. They vary according to the chosen climbing plants, the extent of soil improvement needed, the preparation of the planting area (if needed) and the costs of plant care.