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Calcareous Sandstone

On this sub-topic of 'exposed masonry' - the attachment of holders in calcareous sandstone. This is almost unrestricted. The only problem: The stones have cavities, which can provide surprises when drilling. More details are available on this page.

Suitable wall bracket, anchors and drill

Calcium silicate are (almost without exception) industrially produced bricks of lime, sand and water. They are light to bright white, usually have one or more recesses and must be drilled with appropriate care.

All 5 designs with their standard mounts are fully applicable, it can be used both in the stones and secured in the joints, in hollow bricks as well as in solid brick. In the heavy kits, due to possible voids in the stones, better anchor sleeves should be employed. When doing a facade greening of walls, the sensitive border areas have to be observed. There holders should be glued. Please inquire if there are any questions.

Hammer drills, universal drills, and percussion drills are equally suitable.

Glued wire rope holders, Medium kit on a wall of sand-lime brick.
Wall greening with wire rope trellis
Cable system 5030 in a easy construction style, modified with smaller eyebolts as guidance for climbing hydrangea (anomala) petiolaris.
Cable system in the massiv construction style with dutchmans pipe.
Wire rope system on facing masonry
Facade greenery on a wall made of calcium silicate bricks with wisteria in planting pot with collared eyelet screw WH 06061 - easy construction style.
Calcium silicate brick with wisteria