Medium Kit: “Premium”

Our Premium wire rope system is one of 3 sub-variants of our medium construction style. From all our medium styles, this is the highest quality variant. You can order pre-assembled Premium Classic Kits or assemble your own in our online shop.

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  • high quality and design-orientated style

  • higher price range

  • for 3 mm wire rope and medium loads

  • more wall distance: 6 mm

  • strong and very stable, even when using the maximum spacing between mounts (approx. 1.5 m)

  • high grade steel V4A (AISI 316) for extreme corrosion-resistance

  • smooth shaft 8 mm; metric thread M8 at the back

  • drill hole: diameter 10 mm, depth 9 cm

  • standard mount: WM 08133

  • no special mounts for insulation or other difficult wall types

  • cross mounts only; no combination with eyelet screws possible

  • 3 wire ropes can be fixed in one mount, making it suitable for systems like 5060 and 7040 

When can I use a Medium Premium System?

Our Medium Premium system is intended for private and public areas, recommended for grapevine, roses, and many other climbing plants, and especially where there is a higher demand on representative design and corrosion-resistance-- in situations like the preservation of historic sites, for modern (Bauhaus-style) architecture, in coastal areas (salty air where corrosion is more likely) and with interior greening. If needed, refer to our general guidelines on planning a system.

Wall Mount / Wall Type

Fassadengrün’s “Premium” Medium Kits are compatible with almost all wall types. They always come with the trellis fitting (cross mount) WM 08133 with rawl plugs.


Instructions on how to assemble Medium Kits are to be followed with the diagrams on the page of each respective cable system. Also, make sure that you have all the necessary tools for assembly.