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Wide Trellises ("Belt Trellises")

Among the “classical wooden espaliers”, belt espaliers can be seen as a special group. It is the matter of special, belt-like 2-bar espaliers, mostly installed between the window rows of the ground-floor and the first floor. With their help, buildings can be structured in a horizontal direction. These espaliers serve almost exclusively wine growing according to horizontal cultivation. Therefore, they can be found on historical buildings in wine-growing areas, for instance in the regions of the Elbe Valley and Saale-Unstrut. We show these pictures in order to give some inspiration for similar projects!

Wooden growind aid for grapevine

Width of the Trellis Bands

For a maximum grape yield these espalier bands used to be built as broad (high) as possible, leaving almost no space between the vertical window rows. Today, some spacing can be kept for creative reasons. Therefore the ends of the vertical laths should be distanced about 5-10 cm from the upper and lower borders of the window. But even narrower belts are possible – see photos. For the overhang of the laths above and underneath the crossbars (see details), a harmonious measure needs to be determined, as the case arises. 

Vineyard "Bock & Daughter" in Bad Sulza / Thuringia
Belt trellis in Meißen / Saxony
Green climbing support elements in Dresden / Saxony
Trellises in Jena-Lobeda / Thuringia
Trellises in Grimma / Saxony
Freyburg / Unstrut / Saxony-Anhalt
Belt trellis in Grimma / Saxony

With or Without a guiding Trellis

Of course, the vines can be led provisorily to the espalier belt with the help of a string, until they have grown attached to it. But if the area underneath the espalier belt should hold green leaves as well, small guiding espaliers are recommended, consisting of 2, or 3 vertical laths leading to the espalier belt, or operate as its downward extension, respectively. There are similarities to the wire rope systems of the 2000s and 3000s series. 

Large belt-espalier with slender laths, vines without guiding espaliers
Meißen / Saxony
Triaxial trellis
Dresden / Saxony
Espalier band with two guiding espaliers for grapevine
Trellis for grapevine, Grimma / Saxony
Wide (high) and slender espalier bands
Pirna / Saxony

Transition to Check Pattern

Narrow espalier belts with a broad spacing of the espalier laths tend towards the style of “espaliers with square grid“.

Slender espaliers with chequer-design
Belt trellis in Sagard / Rügen / Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania