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Beginnings of Greening Up a Building

How long has there actually been the greening of walls? Probably since man has built homes.There were always plants that wanted to overtake and cover objects in nature. Ivy and other jungle climbers did not spare the huts of our ancestors! Perhaps such a greening in ancient times was even seen as a disadvantage and was faught against ....

Legend of the giant grapes, decorative relief on a wall in Jena / Thüringen

The Grapevine

When Noah then left his ark and discovered the Grape vine after the flood, as described in the Bible, a new era was started. One of those jungle lianas, the vine, found its way into popular culture. And with all probability it was planted with Trellises in those days. Millennium old images show the earliest building greenings with arbours wreathed by vine leaves. Climbing plants were also grown in other cultures, such as Wisteria. This was planted in Asia. It could develop in its splendour particularly on parapets.

Vines on a TRELLIS - historical narrative from Wine Museum Neuchâtel / Freyburg / Unstrut / Saxony-Anhalt
Historical greening, Grapevine on trellis