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Bamboo trellis

Bamboo grids are aliens among trellises for climbing plants, they go well on balconies or terraces and can also be used for potted plants. FassadenGrün sells bamboo sticks and clamps to build your own trellises from bamboo, but also ready-made trellises - they are very delicate, with no visible clamps on them. You can easily build columns from "U"-shaped arches.

Bamboo grid for an ipomoea
Bamboo trellis on a wall


General Information

Clamp for bamboo trellis

Bamboo clamps

DIY trellis!

Bamboo stick


Trellis or plant rod

Bamboo ladder

Growing aid "ladder"

Small bamboo trellis

Bamboo fan

Growing aid in "fan" shape

Medium sized trellis

Bamboo trellis with rectangular fields

Rectangular bamboo trellis

Large bamboo trellis