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Bamboo clamp, BK 00000


Product sheet

Description / Price

Espalier clamps made of zinc-coated steel wire. The small version is currently not listed. The following packaging sizes are available: 

  • For stick-Ø of up to 14 (16) mm, package at 10 Stück - Price

  • For stick-Ø of up to 14 (16) mm, package at 25 Stück - Price

  • For stick-Ø of up to 14 (16) mm, package at 100 Stück - Price

  • For stick-Ø of up to 18 (22) mm, package at 25 Stück - Price



Bamboo clamps for the setup of small and larger bamboo espaliers made of customary bamboo bars of 8 - 16 mm cross section. It is also usable for crisscross tying of other bars. Please use the general information on espalier materials, if necessary. 



The mounting of tonkin clamps respectively follows the picture sequence on the right side. Suspend the espalier clamps into the bar from the rear (picture 05), encompass the second, in this example the horizontal bar, with the right clamp bending (picture 06), bend the left clamp binder back and down and lock it behind the vertical bar (picture 07). 

Spalierklammer für Clematis
picture 02: Clematis viticella an a bamboo espalier
Spalier mit Tonkinklammern
Bild 03: Bambusgitter mit Braunäugiger Susanne auf einem Balkon
Spalier aus Bambus-Stäben
Bild 04: Räumliches Bambusspalier für Wein
Montage der Tonkinklammern
Picture 05
Montage der Bambusklammern
Picture 06
Montage der Spalierklammern
Picture 07