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Collar Dowel several sizes, DH 10065 and others

Kragendübel verschiedene Größen, DH 12075 u.a.

Product sheet

Description / Price

General purpose plastic anchors, German product (TOX 4 ASK), with collar and adhesive claws on quad split spreader, color white, durable weather- and medium UV resistant. Good initial adhesion, no twisting in the borehole. The first two digits of the article number denote the outer diameter of the anchor and the drilling diameter, not the coil thickness.

  • DH 06040, l = 40 mm, f. Wood thread 4-5 mm, Drill-d = 6 mm - Price

  • DH 08050, l = 50 mm, f. Wood thread 4-6 mm, Drill-d = 8 mm - Price

  • DH 10065, l = 65 mm, f. Wood thread 6-8 mm, Drill-d = 10 mm - Price

  • DH 12075, l = 75 mm, f. Wood thread 8-10 mm, Drill-d = 12 mm - Price


For wood thread. For fastenings eyelets Easy kits in solid and hollow building materials, also for cross-holder for medium kits 'Eco'. Not suitable for altitudes above 5 (8) m, 'diagonal' or axial load as system 0010. There always use bonding with bonding mortar. Please use, if necessary, the general information on the anchor technology.


Recommended tools

For exact dowel holes hammer drill bit HB 44444. Alternatively, concrete drill, inexpensive masonry bit or normal universal drill bits, selection is also dependent on the type of wall.



Anchor size fits the respective wood thread. Please take note general info page: Drilling. Bore hole brush / blow out pump, Insert dowels or slightly strike.



"Made in Germany" (Baden-Württemberg)

Collared dowl for eye-scew
Dowel in plastered masonry
Kragendübel montiert
Universaldübel mit Verknotung
Model photo to function in different solid materials: In hollow brick (above) the web arms spread extremely far behind board materials (below) without lateral boundary there is a knotting of the plug.