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Ideas for Greening up and Growing Systems

Welcome to Fassadengrün. We sell plant growing support systems made of high-grade steel. We specialize in facade greening, or wall-greening with plant life. Roof greening also comes under our domain (as it belongs to 'building greening'), and any landscaping that has to do with the "face" of a house. We would like to accompany you into this world! It all begins with gathering ideas, inspirations, and a plan...  the first major section of our webpage can assist you with this. Our council and advice, if you are ever unsure is: Take your time, don't rush, and use the following sections to help you design your plan. Compare 1 or 2 different realistic possibilities so you can develop a model which can be implemented clearly and correctly. The next step is choosing your climbing plants...

Climbing plants on a growing aid in a courtyard
Building greening with Grapes

Why Green Up?

Reasons for green facades

Greening - History

Stylistic Periods/Epochs

Greening in the past and present

A historical climbing plant system made of wood and greened with Wisteria


Partial or full greening

Examples of growing systems made of metal etc. on facades

Parts of Buildings

Drainpipes, Balconies and so on

Examples of growing aids made of wood etc. on objects, garages and so on

Objects & Outbuildings

Garages, walls, fences...

Examples of growing aids made of wood etc. on objects, garages and so on


Greening world wide