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Trellises with 3 Crossbeams

3-beam espaliers in the classical shape consist of three crossbeams and vertical laths extending at the top and bottom. They are good for larger espaliers; for example, if a medium-size gable needs to be covered. For laths made of hardwood or larch, 3-beam espaliers are virtually a *must,* because these timbers (especially undried) tend to warp and the 3-point fastening will provide added reinforcement. Such trellises can be mounted individually, in groups, or as continuous bands. Futher details are available-- on cross sections, spacing between laths, fastenings, (anchors and mounts), and so on. All that you need for mounting your trellis -- tools and trellis fittings -- are available in our online shop.

Wooden espalier grid for grapevine
Wooden espalier grid for grapevine

Single Trellises

The best visual effect for a trellis with three beams is achieved by not covering the entire facade but letting the wall around the trellis be visible -- that is, providing space in all directions around the espalier. This means installing a somewhat smaller trellis; this provides a more graceful appearance on the facade and, in any case, the respective plant will spread well beyond the boundaries of the espalier frame. Setting the middle beam a little higher creates more harmonious proportions (the “golden ratio”). The number of wall fastenings will depend on the width of your espalier. Please note the maximum recommended distance for each of our different trellis anchors/mounts. The mounts are not set 20-40 cm from the outer edges . At least two vertical laths are then attached to them.


Three crossbeams with equal spacing
Trellis lathing on three crossbeams
Trellis element / wooden espalier
Small grapevine trellis made of robinia
Small grapevine trellis made of robinia
Asymmetrically arranged crossbeams
Small trellis on a gable
Remains of a large trellis
Remains of a large trellis, Kohren-Salis / Saxony
Trellis made of wood
Wooden trellising for plants (3 cross-beams)
Trellised wall for fruit bushes
Trellised wall for fruit bushes
Old three-beam trellis
Old trellis in Diesbar-Seußlitz / Saxony
Wooden trellis with blooming apple
Wooden trellis with apple
Grape trellis; see photo to the left for summer view
Three grapevines on a house
Historical trellis made of wood
"Golden Ratio" trellis (by placing the middle bar a bit higher rather than exactly in the middle)
Golden ratio

Juxtaposing Several Trellises

Mounting several trellises on the facade is the best solution if doors and windows prevent a single continuous trellis band from being mounted. For an optimal visual effect, the horizontal beams of the espalier should be placed so that they are in alignment with the window lines.


Two trellises
A newly installed grapevine grid; the crossbeams are aligned with the top and bottom of the windows.
Grapevine trellis, Breunsdorfhaus / Leipzig / Saxony
Several trellises for grapevine
Trellises for grapes, Riesa / Saxony
Trellising with connection above; the crossbeams are aligned with the crossbeams of the windows.
Trellising for different plants, Jena / Thuringia
Grapevine trellises

3-Beam Espaliers Around the Window

Windows in outbuildings that only serve for ventilation were often slatted (covered by laths) in order to gain more trellis area and/or more grape yeild. Cutting out or bypassing a window opening offers a more integrated effect but is also more complex in terms of design, more costly, and may require deviations in the arrangement of the crossbeams. It is simpler to arrange two trellises to the right and left of the window as described above. 



Old trellis wall on a farm house
Old trellis wall on a farm house, Käbschütztal / Saxony
Autumn rose trellis on an outbuilding
Trellis made of wood for roses, Claußnitz / Saxony
New trellis for grapevines
Trellis framework base, Meißen / Saxony
Trellis around a window
Trellis around a window
Trellis for roses
New grapevine trellis
New trellis grapevine
Old grapevine trellis in spring
Old grapevine trellis in Sörnewitz / Saxony
Trellis laths around two windows
Trellis laths in Weinböhla / Saxony